Projects and Clients

We take the time to find what makes you and your project unique – which helps you succeed.

Below are a few examples of our projects and clients.

Collar Me Happy

A woman-owned small business, Collar Me Happy was working for guidance on how to enhance her website, build and online audience, and solidify her branding while preparing for growth of her business into the future.

A boutique business focused on helping pets through aromatherapy, Collar Me Happy needed support in further building her brand and online presence. Message Marketing worked with the company owner to understand the company’s most pressing obstacles, goals, and support needs. Through a website and content audit, MMC and Collar Me Happy worked to quickly refresh its existing website, branding, and content to see increased online presence and enhanced online commerce experience.

Services Provided:

  • SEO and Content Marketing Analysis
  • Website Audit
  • Analytics Support
  • Digital Advertising
  • Content Marketing
  • Branding
  • Website Design/Updates (Wix)

Chicago Life Magazine

Faced with changing readership preferences and rising printing costs, Chicago Life Magazine needed a better way to reach online readers.

Chicago Life Digital Magazine and Online Presence

With an upscale audience of more than 200,000 in the Chicago region, reader audience preferences changed, audience demographics began to shift, and printing costs continued to rise. It soon became clear that the magazine needed to provide readers with a way to enjoy its publication online. Without the need for a full-time marketing team member, Chicago Life looked to Message Marketing to provide as-needed digital marketing support to help its company thrive in an ever-changing market.

Services Provided:

  • SEO and Content Marketing Analysis
  • Digital Marketing Support Services
  • Google Analytics Support
  • Digital Advertising

Private School Pups

A start-up 501(c)(3) organization, Private School Pups needed help to build all marketing and fundraising aspects of their organization. Most critical was developing strategies in engaging existing and potential donors, expanding grants and corporate giving and generating other sources of critical revenue.

Private School Pups online store to support fundraising goals
Online website store that supports funding goals through product sales.
Support in creating and running events that bring in donations and engage with new and existing donors/supporters.

Founded in 2018, Private School Pups needed a way to quickly grow their brand, it’s donor base and funding sources. Working with Message Marketing and Communications and the PSP Board, the team was able to develop annual fundraisers, sales, grants, and communications platforms that have helped the not-for-profit grow its funding by more than 150% even during a pandemic and a recession.

Services provided:

  • Website Development (Squarespace)
  • E-commerce Services
  • Digital Marketing
  • Branding
  • Events Management and Planning
  • PR
  • Grants Writing
  • Collateral Development

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