Message Marketing and Communications

Stand Out and Make Your Message Memorable.

At Message Marketing & Communications, we help you reach your key customers and stakeholders in a meaningful and memorable way. We do this first by understanding your business, customers, and projects. Then, we connect you with all of your stakeholders through the appropriate channels with meaningful messaging.

Our Work

Marketing & BD Strategy

What’s successful strategy without a clear plan? We help companies set realistic, actionable plans that help drive growth and project initiatives.

Branding Materials & Proposals

We help companies define a clear brand identity and customer audience, and carry that branding through all aspects of the business. We also help with proposal and presentation development.

Digital & Traditional Marketing

We can handle all of your marketing and advertising needs as a short- or long-term extension of your staff, or for project specific initiatives. From SEO/SEM to website design, we have you covered.

Our Client Types & Projects

Small Businesses

Small (and even medium) sized businesses often don’t have the resources or need for full-time marketing, business development, or communications professionals. But that does not mean they shouldn’t have great marketing! At Message Marketing we are happy to contract on an as-needed basis to help you reach your goals throughout the year.

Public Clients

Public agencies have a tremendous need for marketing throughout the year. We provide public clients access to the right marketing and communications specialty staff without the need to hire full time. No matter the project, we have you covered.

Project & Proposal Basis

We all know projects come up that can be critical. Even with a marketing department, you may find yourself with needs for temporary staff members with a variety of skill sets. From strategic planning to daily social posts – and everything in between – Message Marketing can help you complete any project.